Why You Should Switch From Chrome To Firefox


Chrome and Firefox both are popular web browsers, having millions of users worldwide. Many people choose chrome as their default browser because of it is a Google product. There is no doubt that chrome is great browser of all time. But if you are confused which one is better, there is no answer for this because, both having their on advantages. But there are some pros when you choose Firefox. Some advantages of Firefox browser are given below.


1. Firefox uses less Memory than Chrome


Chrome creates extra processes for each page you open, each page has it own memory and its own copy. Instead Firefox uses four content processes at any given time. Meaning that if you have 20 open tabs in Chrome, Chrome will use 20 processes and Firefox will only use four.

2. Firefox cares about your privacy


In Firefox you have more control over how your data is being used. Also, Firefox has built-in trackers blocking features to block trackers and scripts such as media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, fingerprinting and crypto miners.


Some of the privacy features of the Firefox are given below,

  • Third Party Cookie Blocking
  • Fingerprinter Blocking
  • Cryptominer Blocking
  • Private Browsing mode
  • Individual protections report
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3. Firefox allows more customization


Chrome has a good basic infrastructure, but you cannot express your creativity in it. On the other hand, Firefox allows you to show creativity and customize your theme by yourself. Firefox color allows you to create themes.

  • Themes
  • Dark mode
  • Library of extensions
  • Adjust search bar settings
  • Change new tab layout

4. Firefox has unique extensions


Yes chrome has so large collection of extension, But Firefox contains some unique extensions that are hard to find on chrome. Like "Multi-Account containers" this extension allows you to logging into multiple accounts in one website on same browser. List of Firefox extension

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5. Open source mindset


Firefox has a complete public roadmap that's influenced by contributors and community member. That kind of community cooperation is what real open-source development should be about, Firefox is made available to you under the terms of the Mozilla Public License. This means you may use, copy and distribute Firefox to others. You are also welcome to modify the source code of Firefox as you want to meet your needs. The Mozilla Public License also gives you the right to distribute your modified versions.

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