Triple Double Coderbyte Solution


Have the function TripleDouble(num1,num2) take both parameters being passed, and return 1 if there is a straight triple of a number at any place in num1 and also a straight double of the same number in num2.

 For example: if num1 equals 451999277 and num2 equals 41177722899, then return 1 because in the first parameter you have the straight triple 999 and you have a straight double, 99, of the same number in the second parameter. If this isn't the case, return 0.

Triple double program in java

import java.util.Scanner;

public class TripleDouble {
int TripleDouble(long num1, long num2) {
String num1Str = String.valueOf(num1);
String num2Str = String.valueOf(num2);

boolean tripleDouble;
for (int i = 2; i < num1Str.length(); i++) {
if (num1Str.charAt(i) == num1Str.charAt(i - 1) && num1Str.charAt(i) == num1Str.charAt(i - 2)) {
tripleDouble = num2Str.contains(String.valueOf(num1Str.charAt(i)) + String.valueOf(num1Str.charAt(i)));
if (tripleDouble) return 1;

return 0;


public static void main (String[] args) {
Scanner s = new Scanner(;
TripleDouble c = new TripleDouble();
System.out.print(c.TripleDouble(451999277L, 41177722899L));

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