Invalid Tweets SQL Leetcode Solution


Table: Tweets

| Column Name    | Type    |
| tweet_id       | int     |
| content        | varchar |
tweet_id is the primary key (column with unique values) for this table.
This table contains all the tweets in a social media app.

Write a solution to find the IDs of the invalid tweets. The tweet is invalid if the number of characters used in the content of the tweet is strictly greater than 15.

Return the result table in any order.

The result format is in the following example.

Example 1:


Tweets table:
| tweet_id | content                          |
| 1        | Vote for Biden                   |
| 2        | Let us make America great again! |

| tweet_id |
| 2        |

Tweet 1 has length = 14. It is a valid tweet.
Tweet 2 has length = 32. It is an invalid tweet.

To find the IDs of the invalid tweets, you can use a SQL query to filter the tweets based on the length of their content. Here's the SQL query to achieve this:


SELECT tweet_id
FROM   tweets
WHERE  Length(content) > 15 

This query selects the tweet_id from the Tweets table where the length of the content is strictly greater than 15, identifying the invalid tweets.

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